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Why opt for a house connected to the heel

Casa cuplată la calcan - complex rezidențial Boreal Plus Constanța

What does a house attached to the heel mean

The house connected to the heel is a variant to consider for those who want a spacious home, which will provide the necessary comfort, all in a concept that is becoming increasingly popular on the residential market in Romania.

Purchasing a home with this system offers several benefits, including the possibility of building on a narrower plot of land and more yard space compared to an individual home.

Specifically, this concept means that two buildings will be attached to at least one wall called a turbocharger. It must be developed under certain conditions and maintained for long-term resistance.

Access to a main street and the possibility of having a larger yard are the reasons why an investor can opt for this construction regime, which adapts very well to the specifications of the land in a certain area. Also, the house coupled to the heel can be the right solution in locations with specific rules of urbanism.

In the north of Constanța, IMPACT Developer & Contractor will complete this year 18 modern houses in Constanta within the Boreal Plus residential project, of which 4 are individual premium villas and 14 in number are connected to the turbot. Under the title of a name with mythological resonance, AURORA 1 and AURORA 2 houses project their magical aura on the homes that will house the new life stories.

The two-storey houses have 4 rooms and a total built area of ​​167 square meters. The land area for each property varies between 367 and 420 square meters, depending on the overall positioning.

The house Aurora 1 has a price that starts from 246,271 euros and can reach 267,911 euros plus VAT. The project includes two terraces on the ground floor, two balconies and three bathrooms. The living and dining area covers almost 27 sqm. Upstairs are three spacious bedrooms. For Villa Aurora 2, prices start at 245,455 euros and can reach 265,904 euros plus VAT.


The specifics of the houses connected to the heel

In the case of houses connected to the turbocharger, there is a joint expansion between the buildings, with thermal insulation made of 10 cm thick expanded polystyrene, providing additional protection against the weather for this area.

The advantage is the distribution of the green space on a larger surface, with development on an open surface, not around the house, which leaves the opportunity to arrange at will a swimming pool, a gazebo, playground, etc.

Strength and quality in construction and finishes

The villas as a whole have the resistance structure of reinforced concrete frames, while the masonry is made of GVP brick. A corrugated iron roof is used for the roof.

Inside, the homes have carpentry made of reinforced PVC profiles and an efficient underfloor heating system. Marble is used in bathrooms and kitchens, and granite is integrated in the area of ​​balconies and terraces. A three-layer Tarkett parquet is used in the main rooms, which ensures comfort all year round.

Each villa has a condensing boiler that provides heat and domestic hot water with maximum energy efficiency. The houses will benefit from the smart systems in the neighborhood, which improve the living experience. We mention, among others, the selective collection and waste management system, but also the efficient lighting.

The villas are positioned in an emerging area of ​​Constanța, 15 minutes away from the city center. Access to the main points of interest in the city is easy, and from the neighborhood you can easily reach the A4 motorway.

Numerous shopping and entertainment facilities are available near the complex, and a Kaufland hypermarket is located in Boreal Plus, which will make the shopping experience more pleasant in terms of proximity and the convenience of daily shopping.

Why opt for a house connected to the heel

Have you always wanted to have a family of your own, but at the same time live close to your parents or the family of your brother or sister? Do you have good family friends with whom you want to spend as much time as possible? Aurora Villas 1 and 2, coupled to the heel can be an optimal option, which offers both intimacy and closeness with loved ones.

The evenings are more beautiful spent together, outdoors, and the weekend is an opportunity for a garden party. Children can play freely in the gardens surrounding the houses, and if you have pets, they will certainly complete the picture of a perfect family.

Living close to your parents, but at the same time in different houses, you can enjoy their presence as much as possible, because the time spent with them is invaluable. And for those who have a family business, this housing option is ideal, because it ensures constant communication and efficient management of tasks, in conjunction with family activities.

Alternative option

If your loved ones embrace the idea of ​​living close by, but prefer a block of flats, the Boreal Plus ensemble remains the best option. In addition to the 18 villas, 673 apartments will be built in the complex in several development phases. By the end of 2021, 3 blocks with 210 apartments (studio, 2 rooms, 3 rooms) will be delivered. IMPACT will also invest in a building with 289 parking lots.

The complex has a value of almost 62 million euros, with potential for growth over time due to investments in infrastructure and housing. Boreal Plus will be developed on a 40,000 sq m plot of land in a booming area.

IMPACT returned to Constanța after completing its first villa project in the city in 2010. The developer proposes a complex project, adapted to the most innovations in terms of construction technology and the comfort of residents. The use of villas connected to the heel is one of the ways in which IMPACT integrates the component of two-storey houses in the housing complex that offers benefits for any lifestyle.