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Boreal Plus, a story about family, well-being and community.

A multitude of reasons to choose a home in Boreal Plus.

Thermal comfort and constant temperature at 15% lower costs.

The homes have superior thermal insulation, so you can enjoy a constant temperature in the home, regardless of the season. This not only brings you thermal comfort, but also significantly reduces heating and cooling costs.

Intimacy and acoustic comfort for a better quality of life.

The houses are well soundproofed. Quietness inside the home, both during the day and at night, is essential to ensure restful sleep and relaxation during leisure time.

Bright atmosphere and positive energy in every room.

Generous, oversized windows ensure an optimal supply of light, positively influencing well-being and physical and mental health. The buildings are located so that the shadow cast by the blocks does not affect the windowed facades of the living rooms.

Low maintenance costs due to high energy efficiency

The buildings are equipped with solar panels to reduce the energy bill, and underfloor heating and thermostats ensure precise temperature control. Thermal insulation, quality windows and doors complete this energy-efficient package, saving money and resources.

Eight or Ten glazed square meters for your oasis of relaxation

The large terraces, between 8 and 10 sqm, with metal and glass railings, waterproofed and thermally insulated, offer a generous space for relaxation and socializing in the open air, comfort and the joy of living in a modern and open environment.

Efficient and practical storage. You will always find everything very easy

The homes have well-thought-out and sufficient storage spaces to organize your things, so that you can enjoy comfort and order in your home, without worry or fuss.

Video access control, which gives you peace of mind and security.

Thanks to the video intercom in the home, you get a safe and practical way to communicate with visitors. No more worries about guests or delivery people – everything is under your supervision. Communication is thus secured.

Comfort and easy accessibility on any floor of your home.

The two elevators in each block, modern, smart and fast, which work in the collective-down system, will make your everyday life easier. Now it’s much easier to transport shopping, luggage or anything else.

Your car parked safely and without wasting time.

In the parking building, equipped with two access elevators, your car is safe, protected from the elements, corrosion and theft. The parking space is personal property.

You don’t need a car for your daily shopping.

The supermarket in front of the block makes shopping quick and easy, saving time and money, less stress on planning your shopping ahead of time.

Hassle-free access wherever you want to go.

From Boreal Plus, you have easy access to the center or the beach of Mamaia via Tomis Boulevard, to Vivo Mall via Madrid Street (future boulevard) or the A4 Highway via Amsterdam Street. The existence of wide circulation arteries will become the main criterion for choosing a home, as the old areas of the city, with narrow streets, will become overcrowded.

Vibrant and close-knit community, a community of people like you.

In Boreal Plus you will find educated and friendly neighbors with whom you can socialize and develop friendships. With a healthy ecosystem and common interests, you will experience peace, private space, safety and quality social life. Investing in such a community can have a significant impact on your well-being and longevity.

The future sounds good: a 36-hectare green paradise nearby.

The 36ha park project announced by Constanta City Hall, just 5 minutes from Boreal Plus, represents an important step in the regeneration and urban revitalization of Constanta. With residential areas, modern commercial spaces and integrated public services, this project promises to improve the quality of life in Constanta.

Free benefits for a wide range of services

From technical and legal information to financial assistance and obtaining bank loans, you are in safe hands. Interior design services with furniture plans add value to your home. In addition, you benefit from discounts at our furniture suppliers.

The only developer from Constanța listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange

With a solid experience of 32 years, developer IMPACT is an authority in the home construction industry. It realized remarkable projects in the country, such as the first residential complex in Constanța – the Boreal villa district, the famous Greenfield Băneasa complex in Bucharest, as well as several thousand other homes. With such experience, you can trust that Boreal Plus homes are well made.

The homes in Boreal Plus have all the ingredients to be a good investment

The residential projects developed by IMPACT have proven to be a place of profitable investment. For example, the investment in the apartments in the GREENFIELD Băneasa neighborhood generated for the owners a total gross return of 75% in the last 5 years. In addition, all types of apartments in this complex have doubled their value over the past 10 years, so whatever position you would have had in these apartments, resident or investor, you would have benefited. If you trust IMPACT because you see what returns it has historically brought, you have every reason to look with confidence at the Boreal Plus project, made by the same developer.