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The Sports Festival organized in Iasi with the support of IMPACT puts the “city of 7 hills” on the map of sports competitions for amateurs

During 15-17 July 2022, several thousand sports fans, athletes, volunteers and spectators alike, participated at the Iași Sports Festival. The first edition of the Festival is organized by Camps and Circuits of Running, Skiing and MTB, with the support of IMPACT Developer & Contractor and the City Hall, and of many other sponsors, as well as the local authorities of Iași.

The developer of Boreal Plus residential compound from Constanța, Impact company, is developing in Iași the biggest residential community from the capital city of Moldavia – Greenfield Copou Residence.

Intended to be an annual event, the Festival included at its first edition seven sport events: trail running, road running, mountain biking, obstacle race, sports orientation, children’s race and the race for persons with disabilities. The races were configured in order to highlight the beauty and cultural heritage of the beautiful city of Iași – the Palace of Culture, the Boulevards Ștefan cel Mare, Copou Gardens or the Exhibition Park, as well as modern sights, such as: the Palas Mall or the Greenfield Copou residential complex. In fact, Iași recently obtained the title of “Tourist Destination of the Year 2022” in Romania, thus the Festival held in July put the city also on the sports tourism map.

Separate from the actual sport races, during the three festival days, sports workshops and projections of films and documentaries were organized. Over 500 registered participants were gathered at the sports events for adults, while 300 children registered for their dedicated events. More than 160 volunteers took care of the good organization of the event and several thousand other spectators encouraged the athletes in each of the three days of festival.
On the official Facebook page of the festival and on can be consulted the general ranking of the competitions as well as the actual times obtained by the athletes.

”Together with IMPACT Developer & Contractor, we managed to organize a large-scale event, in a completely new area for us, but an area with enormous sporting potential. The success of the event was due, on one hand, to the more than 13 years of experience our team has in organizing large-scale sports events, such as Marathon7500 and, on the other hand, to the support we got from IMPACT Developer & Contractor. Thanks to them, we were able to deliver an event that raised the standard of this kind of events in Romania.”, stated Silviu Bălan, the main organizer of the event from Camps and Circuits of Running, Skiing and MTB.

In the “Events with Impact” series supported by IMPACT Developer & Contractor, the Greenfield Baneasa Sports Festival will follow between September 16-18 2022. Then next editions of the event will be organized in 2023also in Constanța, where Impact is developing Boreal Plus, the newest residential complex built in the North of the Black Sea city.

“The idea of the Sports Festival occured from our desire to develop sustainable communities, while healthy lifestyle and quality socialization remain essential for the well-being of all community members”, said Gheorghe Iaciu, the main shareholder of IMPACT Developer & Contractor, the Festival’s main sponsor. He himself is also a passionate multi-discipline sportsman.