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Construction site log: we reached the top floors! The first 3 buildings in Boreal Plus were built

The first blocks of Boreal Plus have been raised to the last floors, thus the 3 buildings totaling 209 apartments can already receive their first visitors.


We have reached last month the 10th and 11th floors of the 2 tallest buildings with a panoramic view (GF+11 floors), where we continue to the upper structure, exterior isolation system, external and internal walls. The 8-storey block is already completed in terms of structure, masonry, interior partitions and exterior carpentry & facade. At all 3 buildings, work are now being done simultaneously on interior finishes, heating and sanitary installations, facade thermosystem.

And the multi-storey car park on 6 levels (S+P+4) has the structure completed, works on the ventilated facade, railings, electrical installations and finishes being almost ready.


Boreal Plus buildings are designed with the greatest care, in such a way as to offer maximum safety and durability. The nature of the foundation ground was carefully checked together with geotechnical and structural experts. The foundation system consists in the execution of rigid inclusions (concrete filling piles) throughout the construction site.

The thickness of the screeds is between 750 cm and 110 cm, and the concrete classes used are higher classes (C30/37 and C40/50, with increased resistance to compression). For each cubic meter of concrete, approx. 133 kg of shaped steel are used for reinforcement, amounting to approx. 30% higher than the building standards in the area.

All these details ensure increased stability, but also the elasticity of buildings in the event of an earthquake. The structure is designed so that cracks do not appear on the walls in case of such natural disasters.

The structure of the external walls is made of concrete diaphragms executed in a continuous system – monolithic, which occupies approx. 45% of the facades, the rest being occupied in a proportion of approx. 25% by concrete bricks BCA CELCO (autoclaved aerated concrete blocks -AAC), with the highest level of energy efficiency – thus allowing the construction of buildings with almost zero consumption – and the rest of approx. 30% representing glazed surfaces/ windows.


The thickness of the external walls reaches, together with the external thermosystem package, internal cladding and plaster, to approx. 50 cm. They are designed in such a way that the wasted surfaces are reduced and the furniture can be designed and easily mounted on the wall surface.

The dividing walls between the apartments are made of concrete and/or aerated concrete bricks BCA with a thickness of 30 cm, doubled with mineral wool and plasterboards in order to obtain the best thermal insulation and soundproofing. Thus, you can save money when it comes to home heating, plus you are sure that you are not disturbing and you are not disturbed by the noises of the neighbors.


Our buildings are equipped with solar panels on the top level, 10-12 on each block, which will provide the domestic hot water needed for consumption in the apartments, in addition to high-capacity block thermal plants. The entire system will be specially built so that the heating is primarily done from solar panels, in addition to the power plants.

Thus, the final beneficiary saves money when it comes to providing domestic hot water and heating the home in the cold season, which is done in all housing units through individual underfloor heating systems.

The Boreal Plus apartment blocks are differentiated by the fact that they have very large balconies (about 8 square meters) that can be easily equiped with terrace furniture and plants. The front balustrade of the balconies is transparent, made of double sheet of glass, laminated and secured, with a frame of robust metal profiles, vise type, with a cylindrical handrail made of satin aluminum.

All these details have a special aesthetic role, on which Impact developer did not make any concessions, in order to give a refinement and elegance touch to each apartment, as well as to the facades of the entire complex.


You can directly convince yourself of the quality of the construction, if you are properly equipped to comply with the safety conditions specific to a working site, whenever you want to pay us a visit.
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