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Constanța Real Estate: Boreal PLUS attracts with perfection and comfort at the best price of the moment

IMPACT Developer & Contractor has started selling the apartments in the Boreal PLUS residential compound in Constanța and offers the best launch price for homes with top finishes and facilities.

BOREAL PLUS is located in the North of Constanța, harmoniously weaving an area of ​​18 luxury villas with a set of 9 blocks with 673 apartments and relevant facilities: kindergarten, park with playgrounds, commercial spaces, sports field and 826 parking spaces indoor and outdoor, both for residents and visitors.

The villas are of 2 types: individual (Venus) and coupled to the heel (Aurora). Both types will be delivered by the end of this year.

The first 3 blocks have a height of GF + 8 / GF + 11 / GF + 11 and a total of 210 studio apartments, with 2 rooms and 3 rooms and are to be completed by mid-2022.

According to a study conducted by, the average price per square meter for homes for sale in Constanța was 1240 Euros, registering a slight increase compared to the same period of 2019, when the average price per square meter was 1130 Euros.

In the last year period, the prices of new apartments increased by 12.2%, and in the case of the stock of old homes, the increase was 8.5%.

Real estate experts claim that this upward trend will continue in the coming years, which means that the end of the year is conducive to the purchase of new homes that bring extra comfort.

The best option to get a good price is a property in the design phase, built by a reliable developer. In this way, the value of the home purchased in the project phase increases by about 30% or even more.

Impact Developer & Contractor, a developer with 30 years of experience currently offers (September – October 2020) an attractive launch price within Boreal PLUS for those interested in a larger home, with premium finishes and facilities, in a residential complex arranged to international standards.

Boreal Plus aims to become the new standard in terms of housing in Constanța, building sustainably, with quality materials and implementing efficient technical solutions. The houses for sales in Constanta are spacious and well compartmentalized, providing a suitable home for the new habits imposed by the work-from-home trend.

Connoisseurs know of the advantage of prices for housing at an early stage, provided they choose a serious developer with credibility in the market. Homes in Boreal PLUS have a considerable advantage when purchased immediately: studio with terrace, 62 sqm total area is available at the price of 55,782 Euros plus VAT, and a 2-room apartment, total area of ​​73 sqm, has a starting price of 69,408 Euro plus VAT.

The houses have been planned with several subdivision options, to accommodate the wishes of several future homeowners. Thus, there are also open space apartments; a type of 3-room apartment with an area of ​​98 sqm for sale has a launch price of 89,826 Euro plus VAT.

Homes with top finishes and attractive facilities

Estimated at 62 million Euros, the Boreal PLUS Project will be arranged on an area of ​​65,000 square meters, in one of the best areas in the city, suitable for new real estate developments.

The project was conceived as an integrated concept, a residential complex with facilities that reduce the need to travel outside the area, which contributes to reducing pollution and time spent in traffic.

Renowned manufacturers have been chosen to build to higher quality standards and to offer technical solutions and smart facilities to the benefit of buyers.

The interior design of the apartments includes porcelain tiles, high quality laminate flooring. The heating system is integrated in the floor, hot water and heat being produced by the central heating.

Impact applies known principles of sustainability, using solar panels and efficient systems to manage waste and wastewater. This ensures cost efficiency and superior energy performance.

The ground floor apartments will have the advantage of their own gardens, and the units located upstairs will have terraces with panoramic views, in the east, towards Siutghiol and the sea. Because green spaces are a real necessity, Boreal PLUS provides green spaces covering 12,000 sqm.

Residents of the complex will have easy access to commercial spaces and other services available close to home. Leisure activities will take place in the park as a whole, and in the case of children, they will feel safe in the dedicated playgrounds. A kindergarten will be built in Boreal PLUS, facilitating access to education, and there are already other units nearby where parents can enroll their children, a short distance from home.

Another advantage of the inhabitants of Boreal PLUS is the reduced travel time to the beach; just 15 minutes-drive to the most desired place of reconnection and relaxation. There is also a 15-minute drive to the center of Constanța or to the highway to Bucharest, which confirms the good connectivity of the area. In the vicinity of the ensemble, a series of shopping centers are already open, in order to meet the shopping needs of the residents, as close as possible to the house.

Stages of BOREAL PLUS construction

Soon, the 18 premium houses in the complex will be finished, the deadline being the end of 2020. At the same time, IMPACT has received the building permit for the first blocks of flats and construction begins. The first 3 blocks will have 209 apartments and will be completed by the second quarter of 2022, along with a building for parking spaces.

The second phase of development concerns 2 blocks with 132 apartments, with delivery term also in 2022. The third phase includes 4 blocks of apartments, with 322 units.

With a total of 693 apartments and 18 villas, Boreal PLUS will be one of the largest newly developed complexes in Constanța.

Prospective buyers should be aware that all apartments in Boreal PLUS fall within the price range required for the bank loan application through the “New House” program.

Those interested in homes with prices over 70,000 euros, should know that for a bank loan through the “New House” program, they will need a minimum advance of 15%. Regardless of the value of the home, the loan cannot exceed the value of 119,000 eur, in RON equivalent.

Impact return in Constanța

This new project represents a return of the developer IMPACT Developer & Contractor on the real estate market in Constanța. Here he delivered the first residential project developed after 1989. Boreal PLUS is built following the existing Boreal project and opens new perspectives for housing, but also for investment, especially if purchased at the launch price or in its pre-sale period.

The first to move into the new complex will be the buyers of the 18 villas, which will benefit from a residential context similar to the American neighbourhoods in the suburbs. Each villa has its own floor and garden, total areas being between 167 and 171 square meters. The Venus villa has a starting price of 244,641 Euros plus VAT and is ready to receive its future owners, and the Aurora Villa is priced at 245,455 Euros + VAT.

Boreal PLUS is one of the symbol projects of the IMPACT company, which develops in parallel the Greenfield and Luxuria residential complexes in Bucharest and Greenfield Copou in Iași. The common principle used in all projects developed by the company is given by the harmony with the environment, created with the help of modern architecture with minimalist influences.

For more information, Boreal PLUS Sales Consultants are at your disposal.