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Best real estate investment in Constanta: Why is it a major advantage to buy off-plan?


Residential compound in North Constanta

The best time to buy a house, once you have decided that you want to make a lifetime investment, is in the launch phase of the project. The experienced real estate developers who enjoy credibility motivate buyers to take this step, providing a consistent financial advantage applied to the value of the house at the time of completion of construction.


The advantages of off-plan acquisition:

An extremely important advantage for a dwelling in an off-plan project is that you have variety and you can choose the unit that meets as many as possible of your expectations: floor, positioning according to cardinal points, brightness, view. At the residential compound Boreal Plus, the upper floors have the privilege of having a panoramic view of the Siutghiol Lake and the Black Sea. This means fresh air and that you will feel the breeze of the sea with every breath.


The attractive investment perspective

The safest investments have been, are and will be in the real estate sector. Regardless of the national and international economic conditions, properties have always been investments that have appreciated over time. Investors who have an active interest in the residential area know that developers increase the price of the apartments, depending on the construction stages: launch, pre-sale, actual sale at the final price, valid until the end of the stock.

The purchase in a credible project, which does not involve any risk, thus brings the advantage of paying the lowest price, the launch price. The opportunity is valid for a short period of time and the purchase decision must be taken quickly, with a minor investment (booking price).

Buying an off plan house brings an important economy for the buyer. Moreover, if more than one apartment is purchased for investment purposes, a higher financial advantage is obtained, which can provide a solid basis for the development of a rental house business.


Significant customer advantage

Impact Developer & contractor, Romania’s longest-running real estate developer and the only listed on the Stock Exchange, started the construction of a premium residential compound in the north of Constanta that offers the opportunity of an important investment advantage through the special prices in the first stages of development.

For example, in Boreal Plus, in April 2021, you can choose one of the apartments that suits you and benefit from the customer advantage, depending on the type of apartment you have chosen:

• A  maximum customer advantage of  8.147  Euro for 3 room apartments;

• A maximum customer advantage of 8.700 Euro for 2 room apartments;

• A maxim customer advantage between of 5.340 Euro for Studio.

The offer is valid within the limit of available stock! Hurry up not to miss the promotional prices! Apply now!

When the construction is completed, the prices will be considerably higher.

The location of the Boreal Plus ensemble in a university city, with more than 25,000 students, port city, with a coastline situated only 10 to 15 minutes by car, close to the city center, makes the purchased unit a housesuitable for long-term or hotel rental, which represents a constant income. 


Trust in the developer

Impact Developer & Contractor is a company with 30 years of experience in real estate, the only one from the field listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange, with national expansion, with large-scale projects in Bucharest and Iasi.       

Already known for the Boreal house complex built around 10 years ago in Constanta, Impact Developer & Contractor is now building Boreal Plus, a mix residential compound, which includes 673 apartments and 18 modern houses, using the latest energy efficiency technologies, for improved living comfort.

Premium residential facilities – stimulus for increasing the value of the house

The prices of the houses in Constanta have been steadily increasing over the last years and for a new project, the increase in value over time is ensured by the excellent location, the quality of the construction, the quality of the environment (quiet, fresh air) and the level of facilities for the community of residents.

In October 2014, an apartment sold in Constanta was worth 851 euros/sqm and in October 2020 the requested price reached 1.244 euros/sqm, according to statistics provided by the real estate portal
Boreal Plus project meets the most important quality and well-being criteria for residents, which will significantly contribute to higher prices in the future. The complex is 15 minutes from the city center, the A4 motorway and the beach. Public transport links with key points in Constanta are already established, including to nearby commercial areas.

In order to answer to the needs of the future residents, a Kaufland hypermarket will be opened in Boreal Plus. The inhabitants will thus have an efficient option to shop right next to the house, without wasting time in traffic.
Families with small children will have access to a kindergarten set up directly in the complex. With this investment, children will safely take the first steps toward education and parents will gain more time.

The developer also paid special attention to the outdoor spaces, so in Boreal Plus green spaces will cover a significant area of 12.000 sqm.


Extra criteria – Value

Sustainability and smart development define the impact investment strategy in Boreal Plus and these values will be found in each element of the project. Overall, an effective system of selective collection and waste management will be implemented, together with a complex mechanism for waste water management. District public lighting will be built on smart principles in order to minimize the energy consumption. All apartments are strategically positioned to provide the greatest possible contribution of natural light, which also contributes to ensuring the well-being of residents.

Also, the materials used for the construction of apartments are intended to ensure energy efficiency and sustainability so that residents will have lower long-term maintenance costs.

Domestic heating is done with a thermal power plant common to each block and a system of solar panels will also contribute to the production of hot water to reduce the environmental impact. Each apartment has underfloor heating.

In the shore city, Impact implements the same system of sustainable development that it uses for the company’s residential compounds in Bucharest.

Efficient consumption, spacious and comfortable housing, personal parking, fast access to the city center and facilities friendly to residents are the expectations that the buyer of a house currently has. Boreal Plus meets all these criteria and Impact actively listens to residents’ needs and seeks innovative solutions to improve the living experience in each project.