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What does COMFORT mean in 2021?

What does COMFORT mean in 2021? A more spacious apartment or a house with a garden? Open space kitchen or closed kitchen? Office space or terrace for more time spent in the fresh air? Comfort is a concept that makes sense when it has well-established criteria, depending on experiences, knowledge, ideals and desires. Once created, comfort is a validation of abilities and generates fulfillment, satisfaction, happiness.

Comfort expresses its physical significance, summing up all the elements that ensure a civilized, comfortable, quiet existence and is felt in relation to each existential context. In terms of housing, comfort is a complex term and at the same time, subjective for each person. If for some the comfort related to the living context means a house in the mountains, for some the home can only be by the sea.

The lock-down period of 2020 has led to introspections about what comfort means for each person, depending on their stage of life, their lifestyle and all the activities they carry out in home and in its immediate vicinity.

In a general sense, comfort is a state of physical well-being, usually attributed to the home, but also to the lucrative context. And when the two contexts overlap, the need for comfort is increased. The area of ​​mental comfort is at the border between the two situations: the comfort of the Home sphere, in which the disconnection takes place and in which the safety and novelty of tele-work is felt, with the challenges of streamlining the conditions of social distancing. Precisely due to the mix of contexts that a home must tick starting with 2020, the idea of ​​comfort means, more than ever, spaciousness and space dedicated to all activities: living, homeschooling and office.

At BOREAL PLUS residential compound, we have designed comfort in two directions: for those who prefer block life, feeling safer in a community and for those who see comfort in a house built on the ground, with space for gardening and activities in fresh air.

If in the past comfort had common values ​​with luxury, nowadays, comfort has been redefined through new features relevant to modern living, focused on Green solutions and Smart City technologies.


The safety of a durable home, built to high quality standards is a basic criterion, which gives confidence and thus ensures mental comfort. In other words, when you opt for a construction with high energy efficiency and anti-seismic resistance, you have the satisfaction of a good choice.


Access is secure and parking spaces are an added security for the car. Not having these worries means extra comfort.


If until yesterday we were visitors in our own house, spending about 70% of the time outside it, now we spend more than 90% of activities at home, which activates the need for space and dedicated places for work, study, cooking, relaxation, fun, rest. In Boreal Plus, the apartments have up to 98sqm, and the villas have areas of up to 171sqm, which means increased living comfort.


Living in an high quality apartment in Constanta implies a degree of comfort, and when the construction is done responsibly, the block life is not deprived of privacy. In Boreal Plus the construction standard is respected in order to obtain a good sound insulation, so the play of the neighbors’ children will not create discomfort for you.

The villas in Boreal Plus benefit from considerable green spaces between the units, just to create privacy. The comfort of a house on the ground means to have enough space for children, sports or recreation activities.


From underfloor heating, for the comfort of living, to the orientation of the building and large glazed spaces, for the benefit of a delightful view – these are project details that have been taken into account since the concept stage, to check as many from buyers’ expectations.


The comfort of living goes beyond the boundaries of the living space and also involves reduced travel time to points of interest in the city. Boreal Plus Project provides residents with a kindergarten, sports field, a Kaufland hypermarket and commercial spaces, in order to reduce the time spent in traffic, implicitly pollution and to favor more time for relaxation activities.

The list of elements that make a comfortable home can continue with the chosen furniture and colors, the way of decoration, as arranged as possible and the order kept. In the Boreal Plus vision, your home urges you to experience as often as possible the comfort of enjoying your free time on the terrace, admiring the panorama, letting your imagination see even further from the horizon.

In 2021, comfort means mostly peace, and if you want the guarantee of a well-built neighborhood and the safety of your children when playing outside, choose Boreal Plus for comfort at the best launch price, from 55,782 Euro + VAT.