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What Blue Health means and how you can benefit from this lifestyle


Panoramă Boreal Plus- ansamblu rezidențial Constanța

The fast pace of life and more and more health problems based on daily stress, urges the search for methods to improve lifestyle. And if miracle solutions are expected from medicine and technology, areas that make remarkable progress, for everyday life there are more affordable solutions, such as blue health, a concept with a significant contribution to the quality of life and mental and physical health.

Every aspect of life has an influence on both, the mood and the mental state. From the people we interact with and the events of the day, to the work environment, but especially to the living context and the way we spend our free time, all these determine our mental state and indicate our lifestyle.

The city we live in is an important factor in this mix that influences the quality of life, from infrastructure to urban facilities, landscape architecture and natural elements: rivers, lakes, hills and mountains or opening to the sea. Studies claim that urban “blue infrastructure”, which includes any water setting, both natural and landscaped, offers a series of health and wellness benefits.

Blue Health is the effect that blue spaces – water environments – give to the human body during performing as many activities and spending time to relax within them.

In addition to the genetic line, health is directly influenced by the living environment. In a world of continuous urban development, health depends even more on the building process, infrastructure and the management of the cities. In addition to green spaces that are a necessity for well-being, more recently, studies say that blue spaces make people happier. Those who have a river, a lake or the sea in the proximity of the house, are calmer, more relaxed and are less affected by the negative factors of the environment. Related to the influence on social behaviour, those who develop a connection with nature are more open to outdoor physical activity, have positive human interactions and have better mental health and well-being than those who do not have this type of blue spaces around and cannot benefit from their effects.

The Blue Health concept is based on a study (part of the Horizon 2020 Blue Health project) conducted on 18,838 people in 18 countries, mainly in Europe, which confirms that living near the sea, a lake, river, or even near some landscaped blue spaces, positively influences the mental and physical condition of people.

Therefore, the researchers suggest that the recipe for a better life involves living as close to the sea as possible, ideally with a direct view to the water, which can improve the physical health, the mental health and the mood.

One of the effects of the pandemic was the possibility of working remotely, from anywhere, which boosted migration to cities closer to nature, such as Brasov or Constanta. However, while Brașov records alarming data on the degree of pollution, Constanta is at the opposite pole, being the city with the cleanest air. IQ AirVisual, an organization of Swiss specialists who conducted a study on global pollution, confirms what has been said, noting that the sea breeze helps clean the air, contributing to its high quality, another relevant aspect being the fact that on the Romanian coast there are not many industrial pollutants.

In fact, the limited options to travel abroad increase the interest of Romanians to visit the Black Sea coast more frequently, especially in the hot season. Awareness of the effect of Blue Health on people can make them embrace the idea of spending more time on the beach and even buying a holiday home.

Built to high energy efficiency standards, with the objective of obtaining the BREEAM Excellent Certificate, Boreal Plus is a mixed residential compound, which includes both buildings with studio, 2 rooms or 3 rooms apartments and villas.

Developed by Impact Developer & Contractor, a company with 30 years of experience on the real estate market, the Boreal Plus compound integrates facilities necessary for a modern lifestyle, in harmony with nature: park with playground for children and 12,000 sqm of green spaces.

In accordance with the new sustainability standards, the neighbourhood manages: selective collection and waste management system, efficient lighting and management of wastewater. These aspects were relevant to the jury at the International Property Award 2021-2021, who awarded the ensemble with Residential Development – Romania title.

In addition to the other facilities in the residential complex – kindergarten, sports field, above-ground and multi-store car parks, controlled access, Kaufland, commercial spaces – Boreal Plus Residential Compound Residencehas the advantage of being located near Lake Siutghiol, 15 minutes-drive from Mamaia Beach, with a direct distance to the sea of 4 km. This means more components of the blue environment and direct effects on those who choose to live or have a holiday home in Constanța. In addition to the objective of a holiday home, a house or an apartment can also become a generator of profit, through hotel or long-term rental, Constanța being an important university centre.

Students from all over the country, but also from abroad, choose to study in Constanța, the city having as magnet the Naval Academy “Mircea cel Bătrân”, but also different areas of specialization, such as: Medicine, Dental Technique and Law.

Those from other areas, towns or cities who choose to continue their studies or simply move to Constanța have at their disposal a wide range of apartments in Boreal Plus. The studios flats are perfect for young people, and the location is favourable, the ensemble being positioned just 10-12 minutes from the Ovidius University Centre in Constanța Nord. If you intend to choose Constanța as the city where you will experience the academic life, we expect you to discover all the advantages of the project! Request an offer in advance!

In fact, the warm season and the desire for freedom, relaxation, sea and sun can be the motivation to buy a home in Constanța Nord, close to the beach. The perfect holiday home can have a name with a mythological resonance: Venus house or Aurora houses, and you can opt for one of them, depending on the type you want: individual house or connected to the heel.

The houses are built to high energy performance standards, which means low long-term costs for buyers, they have luxurious finishes and are positioned in a quiet area, away from the seasonal rush. Boreal Plus houses are ready, so you can plan your move to start a new lifestyle, through which you will experience the concept of Blue Health, offering a better life to your family! Request a personalized offer and come see the villas live!