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Investing in real estate – probably the best solution to secure your savings

The current geopolitical context, but also the crisis of construction materials are putting a lot of pressure on the real estate sector, and this is felt especially “in the pocket” of those who want to buy a new home. As prices are rising and will continue to rise, and all these price increases will be supported by the final consumer, as long as he doesn’t make a quick purchase decision.

However, for those who want a smart investment in residential real estate or want to secure their savings, probably one of the best decisions is to invest in an already built property, for egzample in Boreal Plus Constanta residential complex, where fully built and finished houses are now available for sale.

Buying an already built and finished house in Boreal Plus gives you the guarantee that when the rezidential prices are rising, the price increase will be direclty corelated with the value of your property. By postponing now the investment decision, hoping that the prices will decrease or remain at least at the same level, although the pricing trend is clearly ascending, the buyers will end up paying more for what currenlty costs less.

Thus, whether you are investing in residential for benefiting from a good return of investment in the future or whether you are investing in the comfort and safety of your family, the purchase of a premium property already built in Boreal Constanța, with prices from 244,640 euro + VAT (for a house of 170 built sqm with own courtyard of 315 -to 450 sqm), will prove to be a smart investment.