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Impact Developer & Contractor concentrates the experience of 30 years in the newest ensemble in Constanța: BOREAL PLUS.

Located on the Black Sea coast, Constanța is a port city with extraordinary benefits, which manages to maintain the interest of living, including among young people. Consequently, the demand for new housing remains high, although the supply of housing is dominated by the stock of apartments in old blocks of flats.

In recent years, the residential market in Constanta has increased its stock of newly built units, but insufficient in relation to demand. Most apartment blocks built after 2020 have smaller areas, closed balconies, do not benefit from the arrangement of green spaces nearby, according to the rules in force, nor various facilities, which ensure a better life. At this time, consumer expectations include energy efficiency standards, anti-seismic resistance, good connectivity, landscaped green spaces and as many facilities as possible.

The Constanta market currently has a housing shortage that meets the requirements of educated buyers, with normal expectations for the 21st century, compared to other major cities in the country. In Bucharest, Cluj, Iasi and Timisoara, developers have turned their attention to sustainable projects, which provide an increase in terms of energy and housing quality.

Status on the application for premium housing

The profile of home buyers in Constanța has changed, the demands being higher from year to year. Tourism in Western countries has made many of those interested to invest more in housing and be open to new proposals from Romanian developers, which raise the quality standard of construction and living environment allocated to a residential complex.

Whether they are investors or end users, buyers want to choose a reliable developer and benefit from a good location, a modern, durable construction with quality finishes and low impact on the environment.

Always anchored in reality, oriented towards the future of the real estate segment and focused on offering complex housing experiences, the IMPACT developer has started a premium housing project that responds to the most demanding buyers: BOREAL PLUS

Located in the northern part of the city, just 15 minutes from the beach, center or highway, the new residential complex is the only project that will be built according to the highest European standards for safety and durability of buildings. This means superior construction quality, increased energy efficiency and a modern lifestyle.

Following the success of the Luxuria Residence project in Bucharest, which is the only residential complex built to high energy efficiency standards, Impact becomes a leading developer on the green building market and aims to maintain a sustainable approach for all its future projects

Multiple facilities, an important PLUS

Boreal PLUS Residential Compound was designed to offer an improved lifestyle in terms of all the advantages that an ensemble built to Western standards brings. Within the ensemble, an area of ​​12,000 square meters is allocated to green spaces, which provides a framework conducive to relaxation and disconnection from the urban bustle.

A suitable ensemble for families who really feel the benefit of children’s playgrounds. Just 2 minutes to the Boreal PLUS kindergarten means less time spent in traffic and, implicitly, time for other activities close to home: shopping in Kaufland or relaxation and sports on the specially arranged terrain.

An extremely important aspect in choosing a residential complex is the availability of parking spaces, which does not raise problems in Boreal PLUS, the capacity of parking spaces being 811 units, both indoors and outdoors, serving residents and visitors.

A quality PLUS: premium finishes

Boreal PLUS  it is built to high quality standards, with premium features and finishes, ensuring energy efficiency that will translate into low maintenance costs.

The first phase of development includes 3 blocks with 209 apartments (studios, 2 and 3-room apartments) that benefit from underfloor heating system and Ideal Standard sanitary ware. The doors at the entrance to the apartments are made of metal, Pinum brand, ensuring the desired security.

In the apartments, among the facilities we mention: Pinum doors, laminate flooring and porcelain tiles in kitchens and bathrooms and the newest Salamander carpentry model that ensures a modern space. All this gives the image of a premium, spacious and comfortable apartment.

The new apartments for sale in Constanta are planned to meet current market demands. That’s why Boreal PLUS is designed with generous usable surfaces and compartments adapted to the needs of several types of buyers.

As a whole, different types of apartments are available, with various areas, from double studios of 62 square meters to 3-room apartments of 99 square meters. The apartments on the upper floors have the advantage of spacious terraces, with areas between 6 and 14 square meters, which offer a beautiful view of the sea and the city. Buyers who opt for the apartments on the ground floor, will feel the advantage of having their own garden, suitable for outdoor relaxation and useful especially for those who have pets.

Efficient compartmentalization

An apartment is appreciated according to other criteria, in addition to its useful space and functionality. An essential role in the design and construction of a home has compartmentalization, to which contributes the size of glazed spaces, which provide natural lighting. A generous space, but compartmentalized in an inefficient way can reduce its functionality and comfort. For these reasons, as in all his other projects, and in Boreal PLUS, IMPACT emphasizes efficient partitioning, with large windows.

The apartments have large hallways, where storage spaces can be easily accommodated, and the bedrooms have areas for a dressing room. In addition, the spaces are well delimited, so that family members have the much-needed privacy, especially for those who work from home.

With the desire to positively surprise the buyers, offering them as many facilities as necessary for contemporary living, Boreal PLUS has a diversified offer in terms of types of apartments. From apartments with open space or closed kitchen, to different compartmentalization and positioning, the apartments meet the expectations of as many types of buyers as possible.


With a pertinent objective, to develop sustainable projects, with low impact on the environment, IMPACT Developer & Contractor SA develops the Boreal PLUS ensemble in accordance with the principles of sustainability.

The project will benefit from efficient solar panels and systems for waste and wastewater management. The solutions used in the construction process are translated into streamlining maintenance costs for residents and obtaining superior energy performance, which will provide all residents with a more durable environment.

The project includes 673 apartments and 811 indoor and outdoor above-ground parking spaces. The first phase of development has 209 apartments, in 3 blocks with 8 and 11 floors.

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