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How to secure your incomes and savings

How to secure your incomes and savings

In the current period which is increasingly challenging, economically speaking,  each of us is certainly trying to find an answer to this question: “How can I secure my savings and income?”

This question is as difficult as it is important, because the economic context in which we find ourselves is by far a difficult one. Inflation has already exceeded 10% at the end of March, having a negative impact on all economic indicators: higher interest rates, risingly unemployment rate, higher prices for most of the products and services, fuel & gas price nearly doubled compared to 2 years ago, all those factors having a negative impact on the quality of our lifes.

However, there are investment opportunities of which we can currently benefit, in order to secure our savings and income. One of them is the investment in a real estate property newly built, the market value of which will increase in the near future, according to market indicators. Investing in real estate now can be one of the best and most inspiring decisions you can make to secure your savings.

With prices starting from 76,648 euro + VAT, a Boreal Plus apartment in Constanta could be not only a financial investment that can protect your income and savings, but also an investment in the comfort, safety and well-being of you and your family.